Citation, Leeds Art Gallery , Leeds, November 2019

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 19.16.45Citation is the 2019 edition of the European Artistic Research Network (EARN) conference. Leeds Art Gallery, 7th and 8th of November 2019 .

During it we will explore the pluralised viewpoint that our contemporary critical methods demand, addressing the ways in which artist-researchers or curatorial practices take positions on or emphasise shifting patterns of coexistent temporalities within the historical, social, political and economic contexts of contemporary visual culture.MORE HERE.
Keynote speakers: Anselm Franke, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin and Catherine Grant, Birkbeck, University of London

Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art, 27th June 2019, London

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 18.11.45Short films by Persian female filmmakers Curated by Dr Azadeh Fatehrad + Q&A with Professor Griselda Pollock. more details HERE.

The selected films by Zara Zandieh and Maryam Tafakory look at the duality and shared experience of suffering or pleasure; enforcement and innocence; as well as individuality and universality. Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art is a not-for-profit art institution and educational charity that operates purely for the public benefit.

Feminist Methodologies when Studying Conflict, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, May 2019

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 19.00.35

Feminist Methodologies when Studying Conflict, Courtauld Institute of Art, Londoncurated by Erica Payet and Ana-Maria Milcic. Friday 31 May 2019 | 1400-1700 at Courtauld Institute of Art, Vernon Square, Penton Rise, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9EW. The third session in the “Researching Conflict in the Humanities” programme will be centred on feminist methodology and how it may enable and affect the study of war and conflict MORE HERE


European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS), University of Gdansk, Gdansk. 13-15th June 2019.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 18.36.58

Structures and Voices : Story Telling in Post Digital Times, European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS). The 13th NECS conference organised by the University of Gdańsk, in one of the most dynamically developing film and media studies hubs in Central Europe. Keynote speakers MIEKE BAL, KUBA MIKURDA and CATHERINE GRANT. More details HERE.  Raising the issue of various narrative modalities in the contemporary media landscape seems vibrant not only because it tackles almost all NECS members areas of  …More HERE.

The Whispers of the Garden, Bois des Moutiers, 2018


The Whispers of the Garden is a two-channeldocumentary-fiction moving image produced at the historical gardens of the Bois des Moutiers estate, France (1898). Through a poetic sequence, the film moves between the documentary, analytical and personal to reveal the rich history behind the gardens listed as a Monument historique(historical monument) andJardin remarquable (Remarkable Garden of France). For the artist,

Azadeh Fatehrad, the Bois des Moutiers gardens are beyond the typical understanding of a garden. Indeed, they lie at the intersection between Western and Eastern philosophies and, in this way, there is a constant duality in the layout of the gardens – their structure,

as well as the ornaments and architecture found in them.
The Whispers of the Gardenreflects on the complex co-existence of materiality and spiritual life; transcendental emancipation and lavish libidinal joy; a hidden shelter and an exposed display case; the splendid lightness of days and the deadly deep darkness of nights; chaotic wild nature and the formality of lined plants; and the temporality of figures and the permanency of patterns evident at Bois des Moutiers.Fatehrad has adopted a cross-cultural approach to this historical research, looking at the artistic and aesthetic implications of Bois des Moutiers and their relation to our life today.








Those Days> 5-7 October 2017 , Vienna

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 15.13.28

The film programme and symposium “Those Days” presents and discusses documentary, art and essay films with relation to Iran. Following the collectively produced film “Profession: Documentarist” (2014), which opens a kaleidoscopic view on the life and work realities of female filmmakers in contemporary Iran, the series of films and lectures raises questions about feminism, migration and diaspora. full program here



Double Agency: The Formation of Diasporas’ Dr. Azadeh Fatehrad
Research Week is an annual event that showcases some of the groundbreaking research taking place at Kingston University. Many of the University’s researchers are working at the cutting edge of their fields, linking up with industry partners to address issues of real significance to today’s society. In the Government’s latest Research Excellence Framework, 60 per cent of the University’s research was classed as world-leading or internationally excellent. MORE details here.
Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture , Kingston University, KT1 2QJ

The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment> 3rd FBE> RCA, London.

The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.19.43Friday 3rd February 2017, Royal College of Art, London, UK 
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Fataneh Farahani, Stockholm University, Sweden
The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment is an inter-disciplinary one-day symposium bringing together key thinkers from a range of disciplines to consider ideas around clothing, cloth and protection in contemporary society; in particular those associated with psyche, dress and the environment.


Exploring The Museum Collection, Ignite + V &A , London

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 04.17.21

Ignite! is a collaborative project with the RCA’s Research Department. It offers opportunities to MPhil and PhD students to extend and disseminate their research practice through participatory projects and relationships with other institutions such as galleries and museums. for more details please click here

The Feminist Historiography Seminar and performance> 13th June >Stockholm

The Feminist Historiography_454

….The seminar elaborates on the above context by looking at Sisters of Jam project Kate Millett’s Farm reflecting on community practice, Athena Farrokhzad’s poem on politics of the domestic, and Petra Bauer’s project investigating the politics of representation through archival photographs. The seminar will finish with a performance piece by Azadeh Fatehrad…. for more details please click here

Iran’s Women’s Movement > Framer Framed > 7th February- 8th of March 2016

Iran’s Women’s Movement: On the Archive of Sadiqe Dowlatabadi
@Framer Framed, Amsterdam . 7th of February -8th of March 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 02.14.51We are pleased to announce our first exhibition of 2016, opening on Sunday February 7th. This exhibition will centre on the emergence of the women’s movement in Iran, at the beginning of the 20th century. It  is curated by Azadeh Fatehrad (Iran) in collaboration with Framer Framed. The project is a reflection on the personal archive of Sadiqe Dowlatabadi, one of the pioneers of the women’s movement in Iran. Please click here for more information.
New York Times Review click here

An Evening with Nizami

Date and Time: Tuesday 17th November 2015 at 6.30pm
Location: Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2HD 
This program would focus on two Persian manuscripts held at the Royal Asiatic Society in London, Khamsa (Quintet) or Panj Ganj (Five Treasuries) by Nezami (1140- 1209). During this evening program, we would highlight the importance of Iskandar-nama, the last chapter of Khamsa where Nezami uses the protagonist Iskandar the Great to portray the social, political and cultural context of that era. This program sheds a new light onto the relation between politics and philosophy in the Islamic history of Iran, while questioning the representation of historical events/narratives in the visual and literary material of the above pieces. click here for more details: An Evening with Nizami-17th Nov

Feminist Movement in the Twentieth-Century Iran, 15TH October, Amsterdam

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 00.06.06

An Afternoon with Sadiqe Dowlatabadi is an outcome of a joint project on the women movement in Iran coordinated by the International Institute of Social History and the Royal College of Art. This project would shed a light on the archival material on the feminist movement of Iran 20th century and also to connect the relevance of this archival material to the contemporary context of women’s life in 21st century Iran. click here for more details.

Symposium ‘When does a Revolution Start? Part II’ at The Showroom, London

photocredit: Olga_Korolevaphotocredit: Olga_KorolevaSaturday 19th of September, 2-5pm Symposium ‘When does a Revolution Start? Part II’.

Photo Credit@ Olga Koroleva

Speakers include Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Professorial Research Associate, Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law at SOAS London, Shahin Nawai, founding member of the largest women organisation after the 1979 Iranian revolution, artist Nooshin Farhid’s and a screening of her film Shallow Water, Deep Skin. for more details please click here

Youth Workshop: Community Darkroom @Parasol Unit Foundation


This youth workshop highlights the different methods used to look at historical images and reimagine them within the contemporary context of today. Taking inspiration from the photographic practice of Hengameh Golestan, the workshop will explore the aesthetic and conceptual dimensions of archival images. for more information please follow the link here.



Embodied, Single channel video, duration 00:07:34, Scotland, Ukembodied

Women’s Voice

Women’s Voice, Single channel video, Duration 00:08:42, London women voice


Silence, single channel video, duration 00:12:38, Tehran

silence-4 silence-3 silence-1




Departure, single light series, C-type print, London 

Slow Decent




Slow Decent, Single channel video, duration 00:06:46, London
2 1

The Ritual

The Ritual, Still from the two channel video, In collaboration with Alys Huges,  Duration 00:08:12, London
4 5


Garden series, Still from the single channel video, Duration 00:10:33, Tehran1

Body Movement Series


Body Movement Series in collaboration with Stella Drim, C-type prints, London

23 21

The Drapery

The Drapery, ELL Series, C-type print, London 7

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden,  single channel video, duration 00:04:24, LondonLeaves3


Flâneur, Architecture and Special series, B&W, C-type Print, Moscow.


architecture- moscow

architecture- moscow-2





Hengameh Golestan: Witness 1979- The ShowRoom, London


Hengameh Golestan: Witness 1979
@The Showroom, 63 Penfold Street, London NW8 8PQ.
3–27 September 2015- Preview: Wednesday 2 September, 6.30-8.30pm
As part of this year’s Communal Knowledge programme, acclaimed Iranian photographer Hengameh Golestan will present her work in an exhibition and events programme which will offer a unique opportunity to rediscover this important female photographer. for more information please click here.


Moving Pictures and Photoplays: New Perspectives in Silent Cinema- 18&19 June 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 18.16.18

Moving Pictures and Photoplays: New Perspectives in Silent Cinema is a two day postgraduate conference, to be held on the 18th and 19th of June 2015 at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York. For a full conference programme, please visit our blog. The Department of Theatre, Film and Television is located on the Heslington East Campus of the University of York. booking your ticket please click here  For directions to the campus and a link to our interactive map, please visit the TFTV website.

So Far / So Good: two day conference, January 2014

Royal College of Art, London 
10 January 2014 | 9.30am – 5pm
11 January 2014 | 9am – 1pm
So Far / So Good is a two day conference running all day Friday and Saturday morning,  organised by the research community enrolled at the Royal College of Art. The program invites RCA researchers to work with national and international research students to collaboratively present work and discussion within four curated sections of the event. Our theme is inspired by a leap in to the space of research and practice. book your ticket here 
Click here for maps and directions to the RCA.


SCHARF BELICHTET -WeltKulturen Museum

Objects of Desire in Ethnographic Collections

With Marie Angeletti, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Azadeh Fatehrad, Olivier Richon.In collaboration with the Royal College of Art, London.

In this exhibition four London-based photographers from France, Germany, Iran, and Switzerland present new photographic works produced in April 2013 at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt in direct response to the ethnographic collection and image archive.

Historically, photography has played an important part in the representation of foreign cultures. From the depiction of racial stereotypes through to the documentation of fieldwork, these photographic records speak of the complexities of the colonial as well as the ethnographic gaze.

Whilst one is relatively familiar with debates surrounding early anthropological portraits of people, which has not been analysed or discussed to date are the different ways in which ‘tribal art’ and ethnographic objects have been staged in studio photography. Acquired on expeditions to distant lands, once these objects reached the museum in Frankfurt they were allocated a new life: they were dated, photographed and exhibited. Here one encounters another projection of exoticism: ritual masks, statuettes, and even everyday objects are spot-lit to enhance their mystery, coloured backdrops are introduced to evoke dramatic effects, and distance is artificially restored through a theatrical, even auratic, mise-en-scene.

With this critical understanding in mind, the four guest artists have photographed the very same objects that have been repeatedly depicted since 1965, producing astonishing visual responses that accentuate the montage of meaning, fantasy and desire around ethnographic collections. Further works that can be seen in the exhibition include the photographic visualisation of myths from Latin America, as well as insights into the details of storage methods in the museum.

Exhibited together, these new works of artistic research created by Angeletti, Blees Luxemburg, Fatehrad, and Richon deconstruct existing presuppositions of cultural contact, photographic history and ethnographic realism. for more information please click here

Between Object and Idea: Re-thinking Fashion Spaces-19th June 2013

Between Object and Idea: Re-thinking Fashion Spaces
Date and Time: Wednesday 19th June 2013, 10.00-17.30
Venue and Location: 2nd Floor Humanities Seminar Room, Stevens Building, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London. SW7 2EU.
This one-day symposium brings together a cross-disciplinary cohort of fashion researchers to explore the increasingly wide scope of spaces where fashion is practised and studied.  for more information please click here.

Her Presence 2012

Photography, C-type print, the Netherlands 2012

her presence, is inspired by series of photographs by Le Corbusier of the interior of the Villa Savoye (1929)  which reveal an absent narrative.

Power station artist book 2013

The artist book is  part of a project called power station, which is study on how images are disrupted when placed in combination with text. This book is a result of unique collaboration between artists and researchers, Giulia Garbin, Nelson Crespo, Michele Drascek, Christian Nyampeta and Azadeh Fatehrad.
Power station has been generously sponsored by Research Office and Photography department at the Royal College of Art in January 2013. more info here
published by Ditto Press, UK
ISBN: 978-1-908452-26-9

follow me, July 2012

Photography, C-type print, the Netherlands 2012

this work is inspired by  the film L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui (1929), where the voyeuristic look follows the presence of a person, not things or belongings.

The Window 2012

Photography, C-type print, the Netherlands 2012
The window, is series of photographs which studies the relation between modern architecture and camera framing. it is been inspired by the series of photographs of Villa Savoye (1929) and Adolf Loos’s house  where one can see that the windows are framing a view of the landscape.

Artist Book, Enghelab Avenue October 2012

Enghelab Avenue, is the title of my recent series of books which was produced as part of a group project called Al-Mutanabbi Street. In my books, I closed the distance between Al-Motanabbi Street- a street that held bookstores– and similar ‘cultural street’ for instance Enghelab Avenue in Tehran (Iran). Enghelab Avenue, is one of the most famous street in the heart of Tehran, which is full of bookstores and second hand booksellers. It is also the street where many universities are located. These books- Enghelab Avenue I, II and III– are a combination of text and images. Which was inspired by a book called Nadja (1928, Andre Breton).

International Artist Researcher,August 2012, Helsinki

3-10 August 2012, International artist- researcher, Helsinki, Finland.
Professor Kathleen Irwin, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Regina, Canada
Professor Jan Kaila, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Finland
Professor Esa Kirkkopelto, Theatre Academy Helsinki, Finland
Research coordinator Katrien Vuylsteke Vanfleteren, School of Arts, University College Ghent, Belgium
Dean Mick Wilson, Gradcam Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, Ireland

Artist Residency July 2012, Nest, Netherlands

One month bursary award artist residency, DCR GuestStudio, Nest, The Netherlands. July 2012

Invisible Frame is the title of my recent project that I produced during a month residency in Den Haag, Netherlands. Invisible frame is based on a relation between human and architectural space. This series of work is a combination of single channel video and series of color photography. I was inspired by Le Corbusier and … for more please click here

Royal College of Art, symposium, The Pleasure of the Look: Gazing and Surveillance – 6th June 2012, 11.00 – 4.00 pm

The Pleasure of the Look: Gazing and Surveillance One day Symposium
Wednesday 6th June 2012, 11am-4pm, Royal College of Art
Research Seminar Room, Stevens Building, Royal College of Art

Panoptophobia – Rethinking the Utilitarian Visual Field
by Dr Malcolm Quinn
The Ambiguity of Transparency by Christian Nyampeta
Last Day before the Veil by Hengameh Golestan
Labour: live art and femininity in Irish culture by Helena Walsh

for programme details: click here
for Symposium poster:  click here

Greeting the Sun, Centre of the Drawing, 2-9 september 2011

Centre of the Drawing as part of CCW, University of the Arts London presenting the Practice-Based Research exhibition from 2nd untill 9th of September 2011.

Azadeh Fatehrad, carlos noronha feio, Lucia Gomez-Mejia.

Private View: Monday 5 September 2011 / 18.00 – 21.00
Open to public: Friday 2 September – Thursday 8 September 2011 (closed Sunday 4 September)Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 19.00 / Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

This series of work was produced during a month scholarship residency in France (CAMAC) 2011. Single channel video and series of photography, are inspired by a poem by the Iranian feminist poet Forough Farrokhzad (1) which reads:

I will greet the sun again,
I will greet the flocks of cows
which brought me, as presents,
the sweet smells of the field at night;…
Forough Farrokhzad

Farrokhzad’s poem implies emancipation through the power of woman and nature combined and this pushed my project towards a new territory. The first line, “I will greet the sun again”, drew my attention because of the use of the word ‘will’ which obviously refers to something in the future. Although the poem seems to invoke the power of liberty and emancipation, this does not actually seem to occur immediately. It made me think about how the event could be brought forward to the present and how I could incorporate this into my work. Thus “greeting the sun” in the present sense manifested itself in my series of photography and performances in France.

In memory of Forough,
Greeting the sun
Greeting the sun; women

——————– ——————— ——————– ——————– ——————–
(1) Farrokhzad, Forough. (2002) A Rebirth: Poems.Callifornia: Mazda Publication.

Royal Academy Summer Show, 2011

Nicholas Mackey: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – Photography Comes Of Age

I was overjoyed to see that photography has been given pride of place in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition by being positioned boldly in the Wohl Central Hall – the main hall as you enter the Exhibition. This is a daring statement on the part of Christopher Le Brun the main co-ordinator of this year’s show and is the first time in the unbroken 243-year history of this event that the ever-growing power of photography has been recognised by the Royal Academy in this way. I readily admit to an ‘interest’ here as I am a photographer of many years but ‘hats off’ to the RA in giving such an illustrious positioning to those who use a camera artistically. It’s as if photography, after a long time in the doldrums of the artistic world, has now been elevated to be on an equal footing as other forms of creative endeavour. Photographers on show are: Edward Burtynsky, Michael Vogt, Garry Fabian Miller, Simon Terrill, Petros Chrisotomou, Paul Coughlin, Julio Brujis, Chris Frazer Smith, Cindy Sherman Hon RA, Anita Anderson, Rebecca Heysett, Guy Sargent, Darren Almond, Angus Fraser, Scott Mead, Adam Sillito, Azadeh Fatehrad, Nadav Kander, Sarah Jones, Guler Ates, Laura Carew, ScanLAB Projects, Cornelia Parker RA, Suzanne Moxhay and Nicholas Mackey. for more please click here


Slipstream: Mapping Thoughts Book Launch

Date: 24 June 2011 / 18.00 – 21.00
Venue: Peckham Space, 89 Peckham High Street, London SE15 5RS

This event is part of the public programme for Slipstream, Peckham Space’s commission which maps social, geographical and personal histories of North Peckham. This evening is also a Last Friday with ove

r 90 South London Art Map venues open ‘til late. for more information click here.

Dress Code

Chelsea college of Art and Design, London 2010

The Siren Muse II 7th June – 4th October 2010

In more recent times, the female form has been a tool for discussing a range of social, domestic and political issues, especially with continuing concerns about the abuse of women’s rights and freedoms around the world. At the same time however, the female form as simply an expression of beauty remains a popular subject for artists attempting to capture the complexity and multi-faceted nature of women.

The figurative artists in this exhibition are an eclectic amalgamation of more traditional images like those by Thomas Newbolt, and modern representations championed by new artists Ben Snowden and Azadeh Fatehrad. Together they provide an intriguing glimpse into how the portrayal of the female form has evolved over time; continuing to fascinate those who choose to pursue this beguiling subject.

The second half of this exhibition is concerned with the embodiment of the Earth. Our planet has been personified as a woman for thousands of years, a symbol of fertility which has endured in the modern world under the title of Mother Nature. Whether it is calm waters, tempestuous skies, savage and remote beauty, bountiful harvests or humanity’s short-lived presence here, the natural landscape has captivated us with her ever changing moods, superiority and ability to create.

Our landscape section is a celebration of one of the oldest ideas in the world, that of a Mother Goddess responsible for the nurturing of life on this unique planet. The landscape artists we have selected really take pride in conveying the different sides of the natural world and glorying in them. Previous exhibitors such as Irene Scheinmann, Catherine Lindsay-Davies and John O’Connor share the stage with newcomers like Sarah Lederman to give a unique and beautiful view of Gaia as seen through their eyes.

Janus Youth, 7-12 th of June

Private View 7th June 6-8 Pm

Griffin Rayne Gallery in association with David Shaw Fine Art presents:
50 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street, Old Street (10 minutes from either)

Frank Archer, Martin Bradley, John Bratby RA, John Christoforou, Roy Turner Durrant, Harold Eldridge, Jenny Evans, Azadeh Fatehrad, Neil Hedger, Sarah Lederman, Stanley Lewis, Sharon McPhee, Bernard Meninsky, Norman Neesom, Patrick Prokter RA, Charlotte Posner, Francis Richards, Andrew Salgado, Ben Snowden, and Yuma Tomiyasu.

The Politics of Practice Colloquium, London 17-18 February 2012

The Politics of Practice
An International Interdisciplinary Colloquium for Postgraduate Students
17-18 February 2012 Goldsmiths, University of London

The Politics of Practice is the sixth annual postgraduate colloquium organised by the Sociology of Theatre and Performance Research Group (STPRG) at Goldsmiths, University of London, under the direction of Professor Maria Shevtsova. This international event will draw on the issues of process and transmission examined in previous colloquia, including Appropriating Space (2008), Bodies and Socio-Histories (2010) and NOW, Legacies and Amnesia (2011).

Fashion Colloquium Milano, 15-16 February 2012

Domus Academy Fashion colloquium Milano, 15-16th February 2012.

The Italian session of the Fashion Colloquia organised in collaboration between London College of Fashion, Domus Academy, Institut Français de la Mode and Parsons NY, will take place in the new building of Domus Academy in Milan, Via Pichi 18. for more information and the program click here

IFMLondon College of FashionParsons

APT Gallery, London- December 8th, 6-8pm.

Q-Art 2011 opens on Thursday December 8th, 6-8pm at the APT Gallery Deptford.

Thursday 8th December, 6-8 pm
APT Gallery, Harold Wharf, 6 Creekside, Deptford, London, SE8 4SA
8th -18th December, Open Thurs – Sun, 12 – 5pm
Tatiana Baskakova; Tom Bennett; Fagner Bibiano; Andrew Bryant; Melissa Burn; Lizzie Cannon; Stella Dimitrakopoulou; Azadeh Fatehrad; Iulia Filipovscaia; Robin Gardiner; Liz Gaunt; Lauren Houlton; Lora Hristova; Heidi Kayla; Olga Koroleva; Beata Koslowska; Lina Kovacevic; Silvia Krupinska; Maggie Learmonth; Charlie Norwood; Brendon O’Hanlon; Samuel Overington; Samantha Penn; Matthew Randle; Claire Reddleman; Nina Rodin; Luis Ignacio Rodriguez; Richard Ross; Anastasia Shin; Natalia Skobeeva; Joanna Slusarczyk; Jessica Smulders-Cohen;Kay Tabernacle; Ellen Twinem; Christopher Ward; and Poppy Whatmore. Q-Art

OCCCA: London Calling, 12 Dec-21 January 2012, LA



December 21, 2011 – January 12, 2012

This December, an intrepid group of emerging Contemporary British Artists from London’s Debut Contemporary will set foot in LA for their showcase at The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA).

The roster of artists reads like a who’s who of the young, UK art scene with involvement from Rosie Emerson, Tahnee Lonsdale and Agnetha Sjogren, amongst others. The incredibly talented artists have a wide number of achievements amongst them including Nicola Anthony who has received exhibition sponsorship from Tate Britain, had pieces shown at Tate Modern; Tinsel Edwards who has both Saatchi and Banksy as collectors of her work; and Rosie Emerson who recently exhibited at The Southbank Centre as part of The Women of The World Festival, Somerset House, as well as being featured in Vogue. For More Click Here

Fashion Colloquia – London 21 and 22 September 2011

Fashion and Female Desire in Iran after 1979, Paper and Presentation by Azadeh Fatehrad.

Fashion Colloquia Organised by:
London College of Fashion
Domus Academy, Milan
Institut Francais de la mode, Paris
Parsons The New School for Design, School of Fashion, New York
A full programme of presentations and live streamed events are planned for the symposium.  Draft Fashion Colloquia Programme

Registration is free, to register to attend please visit our estore.
In February 2012, the next colloquium will be held in Milan, hosted by our network partner, The Domus Academy, followed by Paris in September 2012 at the Insititut de la Mode and finally New York, with Parsons, The New School of Design, in February 2013.

LA to London and Back, September 2nd 2011

LA to London and Back

On September 2nd 2011, selected artworks by thirteen Debut Artists represented the UK Collective at ‘Flag Stop’ Los Angeles, an Alternative Art Fair involving leading artists, curators and art industry experts.

Artists: Vikram Kushwah • Chantal Powell • Tinsel Edwards • Nicola Anthony • Sylvia Morgado• Kimi Wylde • Abigail Box • Darren MacPherson • Katrina James • Robert West • Twinkle Troughton •Carlos Martyn Burgos • Azadeh Fatehrad

Press Night on Wednesday the 28th of September, to
meet the artists involved and hear more about the ambitious future plans. Press Release

Architecture for Humanity and Hotshoe, 2-5 August 2011

For Japan, Hot Shoe Gallery 2-5 August 2011

Architecture for Humanity was on the ground in Sendai days after the 11 March Great Earthquake hit the northeast of Japan triggering a 10 meter high tsunami and setting off catastrophic explosions at the Fukushima power plant. The devastation wreaked by this succession of disasters left thousands dead, hundreds of thousands homeless, and towns and villages, roads and railway lines in heaps of rubble. The Japanese government says it will take ten years to recover from this. for more Info please click here

Centre of the Drawing, CCW 2-9 September 2011

Greeting the Sun Again

Centre of the Drawing as part of CCW, University of the Arts London presenting the Practice-Based Research exhibition from 2nd untill 9th of September 2011.
Azadeh Fatehrad, carlos noronha feio, Lucia Gomez-Mejia.

Private View: Monday 5 September 2011 / 18.00 – 21.00
Open to public: Friday 2 September – Thursday 8 September 2011 (closed Sunday 4 September)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 19.00 / Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00
Venue: Wimbledon College of Art, Merton Hall Road, London SW19 3QA

Mapping Thoughts Book Launch, 24th June 2011

Slipstream: Mapping Thoughts Book Launch

Date: 24 June 2011 / 18.00 – 21.00
Venue: Peckham Space, 89 Peckham High Street, London SE15 5RS

This event is part of the public programme for Slipstream, Peckham Space’s commission which maps social, geographical and personal histories of North Peckham. This evening is also a Last Friday with over 90 South London Art Map venues open ‘til late.

Janus Youth, 7 June- 12 June 2011

Janus Youth, 7-12 th of June

Private View 7th June 6-8 Pm

Griffin Rayne Gallery in association with David Shaw Fine Art presents:
50 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street, Old Street (10 minutes from either)

Frank Archer, Martin Bradley, John Bratby RA, John Christoforou, Roy Turner Durrant, Harold Eldridge, Jenny Evans, Azadeh Fatehrad, Neil Hedger, Sarah Lederman, Stanley Lewis, Sharon McPhee, Bernard Meninsky, Norman Neesom, Patrick Prokter RA, Charlotte Posner, Francis Richards, Andrew Salgado, Ben Snowden, and Yuma Tomiyasu.

Monday 23rd May 2011, London

Monday 23rd May, 2-5.30 pm

Selected artists from across London colleges will be presenting their recent project at Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Jenny Evans, Samantha Penn, Joanna Slusarczyk,
Azadeh Fatehrad, Lizzie Canon, Fagner Bibiano, Ellen Twinem

This event will be sponsored by John Jones Artists Surfaces.


Greeting the SunIII

Self performance, Greeting the Sun III, Video Documentation, Duration 00:05:25, France 2011

Greeting the Sun

Seif performance, Video documentation, Duration 00:05:34, Paris 2011

Open Studio, 24th March 2011, CAMAC, France


pratiques, l’installation


Politics and Power, Group exhibition, London

The selected work of UAL’s artist gathered to the exhibition featured Politics and Power at LCC, Lower Gallery from 17-19 March 2011.

The series of work titled Emancipation (2010) are presented in this exhibition.
The opening taking place at 6pm 17 of March, LCC, University of the Arts London.


School of Orientalism and African Study, University of London, Centre for Iranian Studies.

Date: 7 March 2011Time: 7:00 PM
Finishes: 7 March 2011Time: 9:00 PM. Venue: University of London, SOAS, Russell Square: College BuildingsRoom: Khalili Lecture Theatre

Director Robert Adanto (2010), US. Robert Adanto’s Pearls on the Ocean Floor examines the lives and works of Iranian female artists living and working in and outside the Islamic Republic. It features Shadi Ghadirian, Shirin Neshat, Parastou Forouhar, Haleh Anvari, Sara Rahbar, Leila Pazooki, Afshan Ketabchi, Malekeh Nayiny, Gohar Dashti, Pooneh Maghazehe, and Taravat Talepasand. The film challenges stereotypes and caricatures obscuring the vibrant and robust culture in Iran and its diaspora. Facing issues of identity, gender, and social restrictions, the artists featured in Pearls on the Ocean Floor speak with a compelling quiet reserve and a striking boldness. Their work reveals encounters between religion and secular modernity, change and tradition, contemporary life and history.

Discussants: Chili Hawes, director, October Gallery; Sara Shamsawari, artist; Azadeh Fatehrad, Iranian contemporary artist; Fari Bradley, Iranian arts broadcaster; Malu Halasa, writer.

Artist Residency in France

One month scholarship, Artist Residency in France, March 2011-April 2011

CAMAC , Center D’Art, Marnay Art Center, France
Artist’s Open Studio, 24th March 6-8pm

CCW Graduated School Seminar,University of the Arts London

“Why Research….?”
What is Art and Design Research?

Seminar take place @ Green Room,
Chelsea College of Art and Design, 26th January 2011, 10am-1pm

The published book been distributed. ISBN 978-0-948327-99-5

Key note speakers:

Michael Biggs: Professor of Aesthetics school of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire. Co-editor of “The Routledge Companion to Research”

Presentation: Azadeh Fatehrad, Carlos Noronha Feio, Anja Ziegler, Dong Hwan Shin, Lucia Gomez-Mejia

Video Screen: “The Tent” by Elizabeth Price, the Course director of Fine Art at Royal College of Art. The winner of London Artists’ Film and Video Award (LAFVA).


Mixed Media, Painting and Photography, London 2009

Contrast II

Model Photography, digital, Colour, London 2010

Dress Code

Installation, Six Channel Video & Photography, Mixed Media.

Chelsea college of Art and Design, University of the Arts London 2010


Installation, Mixed media, Dimension variable, Chelsea Triangle Project, London 2010


Self Portrait Photography, Digital, Colour. London 2010

The Journey

Photgraphy Project, Digtal, Colour, London 2010

Pain and Sarrow

Video Installation, one Channel Video, Duration 00:04:45
London 2010

The minaret in Islamic architecture is the place for calling public to practice.
The history of that is related to the time which there wasn’t any speaker available so the shout will spread around the local very clear. I use this element as a cultural element although my use is not related to religious; I am using the minaret to shout for the pain.
The pain is coming from women life in Iran, an old woman is bagging in an old villages, no support is the case of this dispread being. I demonstrate my pain related to women society and women life in Iran. The film is company by the funeral music which help the viewer to feel the pain and sorrow much more clear.
The emotion of woman is anger and pain. This was the area of my study, human emotion. Regarding to the work by Bill Viola, I tried to present the anger as a metaphor of her being in the Islamic society.

The Pine Tree

Installation, Mix media, Dimention Variable

Chelsea Open Salon, University of Arts London, 2010

The Pine Tree

Installation, Mix media, Dimention Variable
London 2010

This work began as a response to the quote which recently I watched an interview of an Iranian actress who said : “The Middle East is beautiful, but looks black now – dangerous now.”

My recent installation shows the happiness that has been forgotten in Iran.
The pine tree has been wrapped-up like a dead body, turned, like a dead pine tree – from its vertical natural state to a horizontal position, and attached to the wall.
The tree is accompanied by five prints each are 16th Century historical paintings depicting Iranian celebration parties. In the background of these images are pine trees and, in my county, the pine tree symbolises creativity, life, longevity and immortality. These happy and celebratory images reflect the sublime, artistic ideals and ethical ideas of the people from central Asia and the Middle East.
The prints are covered with handprints of black paint. It is an Iranian tradition that when someone dies we make handprints in red, but here, I chose to use black.
To the left of the prints are five paintings wrapped in black glossy paper which present the 20th and 21st Century. It is true, Iran looks black today.
On the floor of the installation are written words in black paint. Before I made the installation, I sent a video link of Iran to my classmates and asked them to come up with five words to describe what they had seen. From their responses, there were no words like “black.” Instead, everything they gave were words like, “beautiful” and “happy.” I then wrote the words they gave to me on the floor of the installation.
One can walk through the installation and as one does, they can’t help but walk on top of words like “beautiful,” “green” and “clear” and thereby further defacing and making invalid the painted words on the ground.


Self- portrait Photograhy, Performance series, Digital, Colour

London 2009

Red Scarf

Digital Photography, Colour

London 2010


Self-Portrait hotograhy, Digital, Colour

London 2010

The Un-Known

Self-Portrait Photograhy, Dgital, Colour

London 2010

The Veil

Self-portrait Photography, Digital, Black and white

London 2010

You and Wind

self-portrait, Digital Photography, Black and white

London 2010

Black Bottle

Mixed Media Installation, Ready made objects & photography collage. London 2010


Self portrait photography, Digital, London 2010